• Abbey Brickner

Making Of: Spit the Watering Can

What Programs/Tools did you use?

I used Blender for the modeling and the texturing. Then I used Photoshop to adjust colors and compile it together for posting.

Why did you pick this concept?

I try to participate in a weekly modeling challenge to grow my 3D skills. This week’s theme was “Robot”. With each theme I usually sit with it for a while, doodling out whatever comes to mind. Once I drew this little watering can I couldn’t get them out of my head. When that usually happens I know that the project will be a lot of fun to work on.

What were your goals with the project?

My goal was to bring my initial sketch to life. I had such a clear vision of Spit in my mind and I wanted to be able to share them with others.

Why did you pick the lowpoly style?

I enjoy when art is met with a certain set of limitations, it pushes me to think more creatively.

Did you encounter any issues with the style?

The shapes for this character are rather simple, so I was able to create them easily. However, the arms were the only part giving me trouble, but I referenced the player model from Animal Crossing: Wild World. After taking a look at the topology, I was able to figure out how to achieve a similar look.



After the initial sketches, I went over to Pinterest to create a mood board of different types of watering cans for reference. Here I was searching for interesting textures, shapes, and designs.

I'd like to imagine that all the color variants exist in Spit's world as well

Then I created a color test to see which palette worked the best.

Around this time in my process, I asked some of my peers for critique about the design and colors.

I had a lot of fun sketching out scenes of Spit

After the feedback I received, I landed on this color palette. I also adjusted the design, because I felt like there was something missing.

By this point I was so excited to jump straight into modeling!


I started off with my normal process of looking at the sketch and analyzing which geometry would fit the best. I really enjoy creating characters that are simple but have strong shape language about them.

The initial stages of Spit!

When creating lowpoly characters I keep in mind that I should be using the lowest amount of geometry possible, but making sure that it still keeps the correct shape.

If you want a more detail look at Spit's 3D model check them out on my SketchFab!



In my opinion, the texturing stage is where the model really comes to life! I knew going into it that it would only need two main textures; one for the face and one for the body. I could have done it all in one but I wanted to option to do animated face expressions later down the line.

This was the first model where I experimented with using an outline! I found that it helps with breaking up the colors and defining the shapes. I referenced this Youtube tutorial when searching how to create it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=913lbud30xc

They are looking super cute already !

I was pleased with how it was coming together, but I needed to compose a scene so you would get a real feel for the character.

Bringing all the pieces together

My idea for the composition was Spit watering some flowers. It would look similar to my sketch from earlier, but I wanted to add some more color with the addition of the flowers.

At first, I didn't include the floor in the scene. I got frustrated because I wasn't a fan of how it was looking at this stage. Where ever I placed the camera I felt like it just didn't look right. I did the smart thing, and I a took a step away from it for the rest of the day.

The next day I came back with the idea of a garden like turntable. I think I got stuck before because I was following my sketch too closely. Once I gave myself some time away from the piece, I was able to figure out what I needed to do.

Then before I knew it the scene was finished!

Final Thoughts

It has brought me so much joy after sharing Spit with the world! It is so rewarding after pushing yourself to create something new, and seeing it have such a positive response from people. ( Spit even got some cool fan art that I will link below!)

This has inspired me to keep creating, so I can develop my visions and bring them into reality to share with everyone.

Amazing fan art!!

Kev did an amazing job! This is so adorable!


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